About us

About Us

Chirag Distributers

Chirag Distributors is a leading distributor for some major vending machines and water purifiers in Udaipur since 2012. With a superior distribution network in Udaipur and places near it, we can handle bulk shipments within time constraints.

Who we are

The company was founded as ‘Chirag Distributors’ in year 2012 in Udaipur, The city of lakes in Rajasthan. It started its distribution operations covering Udaipur and some parts near it. The company has authorised dealership for many brands like Atlantis, Kent, Aquagaurd, Amazon etc.

Man behind Success

Mr Chirag Jhanwar founder and Director of Chirag Distributors have put in a span of 6 years to grow this company into one of Udaipur’s largest distribution house in R.O. and Tea/Coffee Vending machines.

What we do

We are Distribution house for Home and commercial R.O., Water Dispensers, Water Coolers, Tea/Coffee Vending machines, Premix etc.

We provide sales and services of our products at home and also at our shop.